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Air cooled silent generator supplier, Silent Genesets Windsor from India.
415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase Air cooled silent Gensets
GensetModel Engine Model Prime Power Genset Rating at 8.0 pf(kva) Overall Canopy dimensions With Silencer Lengh x width x ht (mm) Approx.Weight (with canopy) kg
KG15AS HA294 15 1990X1090X1840 1220
KG25AS HA394 25 3730X1100X1920 1350
KG30AS HA494 30 3110X1100X1940 1440
KG35AS HA494 35 3110X1100X1940 1440
KG45AS HA494T 45 3220X1100X1940 1580
KG55AS HA694 55 3790X1240X1900 1870
KG70AS HA694T 70 3980X1290X1840 1920

Gensets ratings are as per ISO 8528 performance class G2.Prime Power Rating is the maximum power available continuously for a variable electrical load for unlimitied number of hours per year under standard operating conditions.For the site conditions other than standard operating conditions, consult KOEL for available prime power.

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